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LEDwatcher is an independent blog about renewable energy with main focus to solar panels and solar lighting. We have been working in solar industry, and especially solar lighting, for quite some time, mainly by testing and reviewing various types of solar lights.

We have put our knowledge in use by producing various types of articles  – from guides and how-to articles that explain every aspect of photovoltaics and lighting in great detail, to product reviews where we examine every part and spec of different solar lights.

The information you’ll find on LEDwatcher.com is mostly intended for beginners to solar lighting, so we try to keep the articles as detailed and easy-to-read as possible. However, to keep our content interesting for everyone, including more experienced readers, we’re always searching for new information to create articles that you won’t find in other lighting blogs, as well as stay on top of the solar lighting market by testing and reviewing new products that come out each year.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems that you want to discuss with us, head to our Contact Page or hit us up on the social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest.

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