Led Lights for Your Office: Are They a Bright Idea or Not?

LED lighting combines superior lighting quality with extremely low energy consumption (which in turn results in a much-reduced carbon footprint, good news for our ailing environment). For these reasons, LED lighting in the eyes of many experts is the wave of the future.

And indeed, this form of lighting technology can now be found in many applications, domestic and commercial alike, ranging from your common home ceiling or wall light to the lights illuminating your car’s dashboard, to the tiny lights inside the screens of your tablet, smartphone, and other mobile devices. But is it a good idea to use LED lights also in your office? Read on as we attempt to answer this very question.

LEDs emit light that our bodies are used to

By far the main advantage of LED lights when it comes to illuminating your office workspace is the kind of light they give off.

Unlike the older incandescent or fluorescent bulbs that we all grew up with, which tend to emit a harsh, unnatural light (almost yellow in color and under the 3,000 Kelvin mark in color temperature), LED lights emit a bright, white glow that greatly resembles the appearance of natural daylight (light that is near the 6,500 Kelvin mark in color temperature).

This is good news for us because that is the type of light to which our bodies are best adapted to (having relied on it alone for thousands of years until artificial light sources were discovered). And thanks to this, illuminating your home or work office with LED light bulbs has the potential to have a huge – and positive – effect on your employees’ overall health and productivity.

For example, it could improve their alertness, reduce headaches and eyestrain – and this, in turn, translates into quicker reaction times, fewer errors, less fatigue, and illnesses among your workers, and thus an overall boost in workplace happiness and productivity (and, it goes without saying, a boost in profitability).

LED bulbs are more const-efficient

But not only does LED lighting deliver superior lighting quality compared to traditional lighting technologies, it also is far more cost-effective.

The average LED bulb, even LED solar shed lights, is up to 70 percent more efficient than the traditional and iconic incandescent bulb, and a still none too shabby 30 percent more efficient than even the most up to date fluorescent and halogen globes. On top of that, these little lights are extremely long-lasting, and they require very little ongoing maintenance. Finally, LED lights emit a lot less heat than older lights, which means an office lit up by LED lights won’t need to have the air-con running nearly as often during the summer months.

The end result of all these facts is that if your office switches over to LED lighting, then you will notice a dramatic decline in your electricity bills. That’s another – more direct! – way in which LEDs can improve the profitability of your business.

So, is LED lighting a bright idea for your office? Definitely yes! Create a happier, healthier workspace for your employees, and improve the bottom line at the same time, by making the switch today.


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