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Having a nice, beautiful yard can do wonders for any home and family but it is also something that requires effort and know-how. There are also an awful lot of things you can do to improve the ambiance and atmosphere of your yard, from basics such as cutting the lawn, to more advanced but equally effective things such as installing in-ground well lights.

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Malibu LED Well Lights



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INNERWILL LED Landscape Lights



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ZUCKEO Outdoor Pathway Lights



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SUNRIVER Landscape Lights



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SUNRIVER LED Ground Well Lights



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ZUCKEO Waterproof Outdoor In-Ground Lights



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LEDwholesalers e In-Ground LED Well Lights



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Familite LED Path Lights



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Maximus Outdoor Well Light



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Familite LED Inground Well Lights



If you are new to outdoor good lighting you may quickly start feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options and variants when it comes to outdoor lighting. Do you go for light projector spotlights, for hanging tree solar lights of for in-ground LED well lights? What size do you need them to be? What voltage and wattage do you want them to have? How bright do you need them to be? How about their color temperature?

Questions such as these often turn people away from improving their yards and homes with something as cool as an outdoor well light which is why we thought we’d compile this article. In it you will find our Top 3 and Top 10 lists of the best LED well lights on the market right now, as well as a quick but detailed guide on how to choose them, how to use them, how to maintain them, and what to look out for. Hopefully, armed with all this information you will be able to easily make your patio, yard, deck, pathway or home even more pleasant to the eye and the soul in a quick and easy manner.

So, let’s start with our Top 3 Best LED well lights list:


Top 3 Best LED Well Lights

1. Malibu LED Well Lights

Malibu LED Well Lights

The Malibu C LED well light is a great example of quality with its waterproof, corrosive-resistant and physical harm resistant design.

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  • Manufacturer: Malibu C
  • Wattage: 4 watts
  • Bulb Brightness: 200 lm
  • Fixture Colour: Black
  • Weight: 1,2 pounds
  • Other Features: 12 volts, 1 light per pack

This Malibu LED low voltage well light kicks off our list in a nice fashion with its nice waterproof and contact-proof design. It requires only 4 watts of power which makes it a great low-energy option for your home, yard, deck or patio. It is made out of high-quality materials that prevent corrosion. The well-sealed waterproof design makes sure that the light will keep working regardless of the weather and climate conditions. The sturdy metal frame and protective grid are also there to ensure that no accidents or collisions will break the light as well.

All this is also very easy to install even if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience. The Malibu C LED light shines with a brightness of about 200 lumens which is enough for decorative purposes or for any small area but is insufficient for lighting an entire yard with a single lamp. If you have a large area you’d like to cover with good lights you will need to purchase several lights at once, but this is the standard for landscape well lights – they typically aren’t 120v well lights.

Thanks to its excellent design and high-quality materials, this Malibu C LED well light has an estimated average lifetime of about 50,000 hours which is significantly more than the average lifetime of most other well lights.


  • With considerable dimensions of 5.1 x 5.1 x 3.3 the Malibu C LED well light is significantly bigger than a lot of other well lights of the same class.
  • Made out of high-quality materials, the Malibu C LED well light is resistant to corrosion.
  • The great design of this well light also makes it completely waterproof as well as resistant to most heavy contact accidents.
  • Thanks to its great design and materials, the Malibu C LED well light has an estimated average lifetime of up to 50,000 hours of work.


  • Only 1 light per pack.
  • The black color of the lights can quickly change under heavy sunlight.

2. INNERWILL LED Landscape Lights

INNERWILL LED Landscape Lights

The INNERWILL LED landscape lights come with 8 lights per pack, each waterproof and capable of delivering 200 lumens of soft, warm light.

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    • Manufacturer: INNERWILL
    • Wattage: 2 watts
    • Bulb Brightness: 200 lm
    • Fixture Color: black and silver
    • Weight: 3,73 pounds
    • Other Features: Voltage of 12 or 24 volts, 8 lights per pack

With this pack of INNERWILL LED landscape lights you will get 8 individual lamps. Perfect for recessed deck lighting, for a patio and a yard, or for fences or trees, these outdoor ground flood lights also come with their own transformers and wire connectors. Operating at 12 or 24 volts they are also very safe for operation, as well as really easy to install – all you need to do is plug and switch the converter.

What’s more, they are also made out of top-quality ingredients such as thick die-casting aluminum plus glass lens. The caps include pressure rubber gaskets and there are also rubber seals around the wire exits, all to ensure that these INNERWILL landscape lights are as waterproof as possible, which is vital for outdoor lights.

This product also impresses with its convection heat dissipation design that is made to protect the low voltage lighting. All these smart design choices and quality materials give the INNERWILL LED outdoor good lights average longevity of up to 30,000 hours.

As for the lights themselves, the high-quality light chips have a brightness of 200 lumens and a 90° beam angle, making them great any garden, patio, indoor room or dark corner. With a 60-day return refund guarantee and a 2-year warranty, these INNERWILL LED well lights are a great purchase.


  • The great design and materials ensure an impressive longevity and value for your money.
  • With 8 lights per pack you get quite a lot of lights to work with.
  • The 90° beam angle and small size give these lights a lot of flexibility.
  • These INNERWILL well lights come with transformers and wire connectors.



  • 2 watts is not that much power so these lights are mostly decorative rather than practical.

3. ZUCKEO Outdoor Pathway Lights

ZUCKEO Outdoor Pathway Lights

The ZUCKEO have a wattage of 5 watts and are waterproof, making them a great choice for those looking for low voltage LED well lights.

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  • Manufacturer: ZUCKEO
  • Wattage: 5 watts
  • Bulb Brightness: 500 to 550 lm
  • Fixture Colour: black and metallic
  • Weight: 1,32 pounds
  • Other Features: metal and plastic materials, circular shape, 4 lights per pack

If you are on the search for low voltage well lights, these ZUCKEO LED well lights are among the best landscape well lights for a lot of good reasons. With 4 lights in a pack, each packing 300 lumens, you get great outdoor flood lights for your garden path deck, your patio, fences, trees, walls, steps, or for anywhere else you might need them for. Each light has a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours, which is the type of longevity to look for in-ground well light products.

Additionally, these LED well landscape lighting bulbs are also waterproof which is essential for every good outdoor well light. Their water-tight seal’s thick aluminum body and their glass lens cover design are more than sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of rainy or snowy weathers. Another feature is the safety of use these outdoor LED flood lights offer. With 12V and 24V working voltages these landscape well lights are compatible with most Low Voltage Landscaping lighting systems out there (note that the transformer is not included in the set).

What’s more, the 90° beam angle, the wattage of 5 watts, and the small but intricate design make these outdoor deck lighting bulbs a great indoors choice as well. They are made out of primarily metal and plastic plus a stainless steel finish which further adds to the longevity of the product even in tough climates and weather. With a 3-months replacement guarantee and a 2-year warranty (and a high-quality 7×24 hours after-sale service guarantee), these ZUCKEO LED well lights are easily among the best decking lights you can purchase right now.


  • Excellent waterproof design and finish that ensures these ZUCKEO patio ground lights will last for a long time.
  • These ZUCKEO outdoor well lights have a high-quality stainless steel finish.
  • The average longevity of these in ground well light lamps is up to 30,000 hours.


  • The ZUCKEO inground well light lamps come without a transformer in the set.
  • The replacement price is considerable which is significant because you can’t just replace the bulbs but need to buy a whole new well light.


Of course, offering you just 3 options for landscape LED well lights would have been silly which is why we’ve also compiled an additional list of the next 7 items we thought are in contention for the “Best LED well lights” prize. These come in various different shapes, sizes, and designs, so even though certain small flaws and drawbacks prevented them from making it into the Top 3, they are still products worth considering.

4. SUNRIVER Landscape Lights

These small landscape lights by SUNRIVER have a wattage of just 1 watts so they are great if you are looking for inexpensive, low voltage lighting. They are waterproof thanks to their pressure rubber gaskets and rubber seals around the wire exits. They do not come with their own transformers, however, which together with the low power is what relegated them to this list.

5. SUNRIVER LED Ground Well Lights

These SUNRIVER LED ground well lights are a more powerful 3 watts alternative that is still categorized as “low voltage”. Great for yards, decks, driveways, gardens, yard trees, and other locations, with their 300 lumens of brightness these lights are better suited for lighting larger areas. They still don’t include their own transformers, however, and there simply are slightly better designs on the market right now.

6. ZUCKEO Waterproof Outdoor In-Ground Lights

ZUCKEO made it into this list as well with their waterproof outdoor in-ground lights. Coming in a 4-pack, these LED lights produce 300 lumens of brightness at a low voltage of 12 or 24 volts. They too don’t include transformers and we just preferred ZUCKEO’s other lights for the main Top 3 section.

7. LEDwholesalers e In-Ground LED Well Lights

This single in-ground LEDwholesalers outdoor well light has a brushed stainless steel trim and a waterproof design that make it a great option for any yard, deck, pathway or patio. It has 3 watts of wattage and requires the purchase of a transformer as it too is a low voltage light. That, together with the low luminous flux and a beam angle of just 60º relegated it to the Runner-upss” list but it’s still a high-quality product.

8. Familite LED Path Lights

This 3 watts LED path light from Familite has a 300 lumens brightness output and low power consumption. It is also IP67 glue sealed for waterproof and dust-proof design, plus a stainless steel finish. It too needs a transformer, however, plus it also has a beam angle of just 60º.

9. Maximus Outdoor Well Light

The Maximus outdoor well light has a black finish, a waterproof design, and a protective grid. It is powered by a low voltage transformer but it has a brightness level of just 45 lumens which makes it a mostly decorative option for your yard, patio or deck.

10. Familite LED Inground Well Lights

Another product from Familite, this LED in-ground well lights pack has a wattage of 7 watts and outputs 750 lumens of brightness, making it the most powerful option on our list. Its high-quality materials and design also give it up to 50,000 working hours of lifetime. Quite a few customers report a rather high failure rate, however, so keep that in mind.



LED well lights are a unique type of landscape lights in that they are meant for in-ground installation. Unlike hanging tree lights that are meant to be hanged from trees or other elevated surfaces, and unlike post landscape lights that are placed on their own posts above ground, well lights are meant to be placed in the ground itself. The main benefit of this method is that the lamp itself can remain out of sight and only its light is left to shine through your yard or patio.

Another additional benefit of in-ground well lights is that unlike post path lights, well lights won’t get in your way as you are moving across your property or maintaining it. A well-placed and installed well light presents no difficulties to you when you are mowing your yard or when you are reversing your car back up the driveway.

Of course, this ingenious design comes with its own set of difficulties, mainly the fact that all the electrical wiring of the well lights will need to be placed underground as well. Some people opt to leave the wires above ground hidden in the grass, but this presents a whole lot of other problems – the wires might get in your way as you’re walking or mowing, they will be exposed to the elements or to your pets and kids, wildlife such as rodents, birds or stray dogs might damage them, and so on.

Burring both the in-ground LED well lights and their wiring system can be challenging and involve a lot of foresight and planning, but the end result is often worth it. A system of several well-placed in-ground LED lights can often bring out the best of your yard and property in a discreet but powerful way.

Moon lighting

Typically done with hanging lights, Moon lighting is achieved by hanging small lights from a tree or from other elevated surfaces. It can be done with a well light too, however, since a lot of LED well lights are intended both for in-ground well use, as well as for other purposes such as Moon lighting.

Up Lighting

A basic way of landscape lighting, “Uplighting” is done by placing one or more well lights underneath a tree, an ornament or a small structure, lighting it from above. When done well, this can create a beautiful balance between light and shadows. This type of landscape lighting can also be done with spotlights, but well lights are often more impressive because the device itself is left hidden in the ground.

Down Lighting

The opposite technique to Up Lighting, in this case, you can place the LED lights high up inside features such as trellis, trees, eaves, and others. In this, Down Lighting is similar to Moon Lighting but it is different in that it is brighter and less subtle. There are usually other types of LED lights that can be better used for Down Lighting, but many well lights are versatile enough in their design to work just as well.

Path lighting

One of the more basic types of lighting, Path lighting is usually more practical than decorative as it serves the purpose of making paths, stairs and decks more easily visible. It can really be done with any type of landscape lighting, including dedicated post path lights, but it can just as easily be done with LED well lights which have the added benefit of not obstructing the movement on the path, deck or stairs.


Accenting can be done both with Up Lighting and Down Lighting techniques but its main goal is to bring out some special features of your decorations. Angle the lights in such a way that they bring out the best out of your yard’s or terrace’s decorations, and an extra dose of mystery and spice to the atmosphere.


Similar to Uplighting, Silhouetting is done by placing the light source behind some dramatic shapes that often remain unnoticed during the day but can create impressive shadows in the dark with the proper lighting. Silhouetting is more easily done with spotlights as they are usually easier to turn and adjust, but a nice and versatile well light will also typically have a beam angle of up to 90° which is sufficient for most situations.


Similar but reverse to Silhouetting, Shadowing is done by placing the light source between the main vantage point and the item that you intend to be lit. Shadowing works best when there is a wall or another flat surface behind the lit item to catch its shadows. Once again, spotlights can be easier to use for this than flood or well lights but with the proper beam angle the latter two can work great as well.


This technique is achieved by placing the light right next to a vertical surface such as a stone wall and lighting it either from the top or from the bottom. The more coarse and edgy the surface is, the more beautiful shadows the light is going to create. Hardscape lights can be used to a great effect for something like this but well lights are also very easy to use in such a situation.


Similar to Grazing, Washing is done by placing well or floodlights next to a tall, vertical wall. The purpose of Washing, however, is more to create a richly lit space that will light up your entire yard. By reflecting the light of a small flood or well light off a wall you can much more efficiently and beautifully create a soft, pleasant light in your yard.


Buying LED well lights is a very tricky process that requires a ton of know-how and preparation. Much more so than with a lot of other products, purchasing the wrong LED well lights for your property can make them useless even if they are of otherwise high quality. Fortunately, most retailers offer several weeks of a full refund period for well lights because they realize customers often miscalculate how many and what well lights they need.

Still, you probably don’t want to go through the hassle of returning well lights, buying new ones, returning them as well, and so on, so the best way to go about it is to first carefully research the entire subject and choose the perfect lights for your situation. To help you out, here are several of the key points you might want to consider before making a purchase:

Quality, quality, quality.

It should go without saying, but as with any other product, you want what you’re buying to be of a high enough quality. Just as like other product groups, there are high quality LED well lights out there and there are also subpar products that should be avoided at all costs. We’d advise you to go through as much research, customer reviews and industry reviews as possible until you are sure that you’ve found a product that has the quality you need. Hopefully, our quick lists above will help you in that regard as well. And if you need further guidance, it also pays to consider the brand of the products you’re looking at. Of course, branding isn’t everything, but it can point you in the right direction more often than not. Here are some of the main brands you might want to look for at first: Familite, LEDwholesalers, Maximus, ZUCKEO, SUNRIVVER, Malibu C, INNERWELL, and others.


This is a simpler but also quite significant question LED well light packs can come with different amounts of lights in them, typically ranging between 1 and 8 lights per pack. A lot of customers are often tempted to buy larger packs in an attempt to ensure that they will have as many lights as they need but this is often waste as they realize that they will only use 2 or 3 lights from the whole pack. Of course, there is also the flip side that well light bulbs can’t really be changed and when a well light expires you just need to replace it with another – this is a decent argument in buying several extra well lights just so you can have a spare. Still, the average lifetime of a high-quality well light is typically up to 30,000 hours or more, so if you’ve picked the well lights carefully you should need a replacement any time soon.

Consider the color temperature

Light quality matters so don’t ignore the color temperature of your well lights. Measured in Kelvin (K), color temperature can usually be found on the packaging. Color temperatures of 3500K and above are considered cooler (bluer in tone) while temperatures of 3000K and below are warmer. For landscapes, cooler color temperatures are usually ill-advised as they tend to make the greenery feel unnatural and create a feeling of uneasiness. Still, it is a matter of preferences.

Do the well lights come with their own transformer?

Most LED well lights are of such a low voltage that they need a transformer to change the high voltage of your power outlets to a lower voltage that the lights can handle. Some LED well lights are sold with their own transformers which is a huge plus, but with most others, you’ll need to have or buy your own transformer.

Are the LED well lights truly waterproof, corrosion-resistant, dustproof, and resistant to physical damage?

Quality of the light is important but its longevity is also vital. Any good outdoor well light should be well sealed and waterproof, as well as resistant to corrosion and dust. It is also a huge plus if the light has a protective grid and is made out of strong metal materials to protect it from physical damage.


Of course, there are a ton of other things to consider when purchasing, installing and using LED well lights. The list of things that can go wrong can seem nearly endless so let’s go over some additional factors.

Consider using a Voltmeter. With the range of acceptable voltages becoming wider and wider in recent years, the need for voltmeters has declined. However, in many cases, it’s still a very useful tool to have. If you want to use more than 10 lights in your lighting system or if your wires are about to run for 100 feet or more, a voltmeter is a great way to troubleshoot your entire system.
Use direct burial splice for your underground cables. Using a correct burial splice will prevent corroding and will drastically increase the electrical resistance of your whole system.

With most well lights having 12v or 24v of voltage, it’s important to remember that such low voltage currents tend to lose voltage over long wire runs, thus making them even lower voltage. Especially when using multiple lights on a single, long wire, this can drastically decrease the effectiveness of your lighting. Following the 100 / 100 rule of thumb is beneficial here – use a maximum length of 100’ of 12 gauge cable for every 100 watts of light.


LED well lights may be simple in their design but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require a lot of care in their installation and maintenance. They are, after all, electrical instruments and as such can be both easily damaged and also cause damage themselves. Depending on the type of well lights you opt for and the manner in which you choose to use them, there will be a ton of specifics on how exactly to install them. We can’t possibly cover all possibilities in one brief article so you will need to do some extra research, but here are the main problems you should be on the lookout for in most situations regarding in-ground LED well lights:

Above ground water. Literally, every in-ground well light you will find online is advertised as “waterproof” – a well light is doomed to fail if it’s not waterproof. The fact that they are advertised this way doesn’t mean that it’s also true, unfortunately, so we should mention it. A well light can often take water if the seal between the lens cover and the trim isn’t done properly, which is a common problem for sub-par brands and products. There isn’t really a way to protect a well light that is not well-sealed – if that’s the case and if it rains fairly often in your area, prepare to buy new (and better) lights soon. You can try and re-seal the lights yourself with different types of adhesives but the best long-term solution is to just find a better well light.

Below ground water. Unfortunately, water can damage your in-ground lights even from below. Different areas have different soil moisture levels, but regardless of that, you should always look for well lights that are well-sealed not only at the top where the lens cover is but below as well. If the wire that’s coming out of the bottom of the LED light isn’t properly sealed as well, then you can very well expect moisture from the ground to get inside the lamp and cause electrical shorts, corrosion or other forms of damage.

Floods. Yes, water again. Regardless of whether it happens because of intensive rains, excessive ground moisture, an accident, or a combination of all three, a severe flood can easily put even the best well light out of commission. While a lot of LED well lights have IP68 ratings that categorize them as “suitable for wet locations”, the simple fact of the matter is that they are not intended to be used in water. If you encounter a severe flood you should first wait for the ground to dry up, cut the power off in the meantime to ensure that there won’t be any more accidents, and carefully check all electrical features for water damage and replace them if necessary before turning the whole installation on again.

Overheating. Finally, a possible problem that isn’t water-related, overheating can happen in excessively hot summers even to LED lights that are designed to withstand high temperatures. Overheating can cause damage to the bulb and the wiring and either put them out of order immediately or drastically decrease their lifespan. There isn’t really much to do if your lights have overheated, but if you want to prevent that from happening, look for products and brands that are approved for the temperatures you are going to use them under. Also, when placing the well lights in and around your property, consider putting them in places where they won’t be under direct sunlight for too long during the day.

Breakage and other human errors. The last and possibly most significant problem that can befall an innocent LED well light is us – humans. A good well light should work for dozens of thousands of hours if it is installed and maintained properly, but that doesn’t always happen. From walking over them and driving over them to installing them at the wrong wattages or in damp soil, the problems we can cause are almost innumerable. That’s why it’s very important to research and gather all the know-how you can before you purchase or install any electrical appliances in your home and property.


As you can see, in-ground outdoor LED well lights can serve a myriad of purposes and can drastically improve the overall ambiance and feeling of your yard, home, and property. A good balance of well-chosen, well-placed and well-maintained LED well lights can turn even the plainest backyard into a beautiful and pleasant rest spot where you will be happy to spend your evenings or invite your friends.

Of course, this is easier said than done which is why we hope this article has offered you some insight and assistance. As extensive as it is there is still a lot more research ahead of you but hopefully you are now better prepared go through the whole process.

The Malibu C LED well light comes with only 1 item per pack but it is an item of truly high quality. These lights are water-resistant, corrosion-resistant and are also sturdy enough to withstand most physical harm that can fall upon them. Great for decorative lighting in yards, decks, patios or even indoors, these lights have an average working life of up to 50,000 hours. Their black finish is one notable drawback as the color can fade under severe sunlight but aside from that this is a high-quality product.

These INNERWILL LED Landscape Lights are not 120 volts LED well lights but are very useful as decorative 12V or 24V well lights. With 8 lights in the pack, all coming with their transformers and wire connectors. They are made out of high-quality materials and with an ideal waterproof design. With a 90° beam angle their warm white light can easily light every patio, deck, room, yard or dark corner.

The ZUCKEO Outdoor Pathway Lights may also not be 120 volt well lights but they are more powerful than the INNERWILL well lights as they offer 500 lm of Luminous Flux. They include 4 lights per pack and they are excellent in their versatility. They can easily light a yard, a deck, a patio, or a room, they can be placed on the ground, on fences, on walls, or on trees. The ZUCKEO LED well lights to have a great stainless steel finish which, together with their practical design, makes them 100% waterproof.


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