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The long-term fantasy of powering lights through solar energy has since become an amazing reality today. Now houses, streets, roads, and cities are lit up beautifully with the power of solar. Wonders of science you may want to say. Science really is beautiful when put to good use and the emergence of these solar powered LED lights is one of such beauties of science. Since the emergence of solar powered LED lights, a lot of inventions have emanated, and today we now have different variations of solar-powered lights. A lot of products have hit the market and has left customers and enthusiasts spoilt for choice as to which brand to choose from for their lighting needs. Everyone wants a good deal as well as the best value for money when purchasing any kind of product and there is no difference when it comes to solar powered LED fairy lights.

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Sunlitec 100 LEDs solar fairy lights



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Solarmks 150 LEDs solar powered fairy lights



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Mpow 100 LEDs solar fairy lights



Solar Powered LED fairy lights are very much important and can have a variety of uses. They can be used for landscaping, in homes, gardens, streets, parks, restaurants and a host of other locations. They are very much beautiful, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. They are also renewable, durable, wildlife friendly and very much affordable. If you desire the best quality solar fairy lights, you do have to ensure that you go for the very best. This ensures that you get a great deal and are not short-changed. You also ensure that you are not purchasing a sub-standard product for the price of a standard one.

We embarked on a research which sought to provide readers, solar fairy string light users, and LED light enthusiasts with valuable information of on the best quality solar fairy light products, the things you have to look out for in purchasing the products, and how to use the products. The research also surveyed the majority of the products on the market and came up with the top 3 products based on findings from customer review and expert analysis.

Top products

Under this section, we will be reviewing the features of our top 3 best solar powered LED fairy lights.

1. Sunlitec 100 LEDs solar fairy lights

Sunlitec Solar Fairy Lights
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We start with Sunlitec 100 LEDs solar fairy lights which are great decorative accessories to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces at home or work. These lights are very good for festive, romantic or cozy settings. They are designed in a way that they can be wrapped easily around trees, branches, shrubbery, furniture, and home or office signs. These lights are very much energy efficient and eco-friendly. They require no wire to work as the solar panels need only to be placed in sunlight to work automatically. However, care should be taken so as to avoid tangling the wire lights when unwinding as this could be very problematic.

2. Solarmks 150 LEDs solar powered fairy lights

Solarmks Solar-Powered Fairy Lights
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This light allows you to be very much creative and let your imagination run wide. The Solarmks 150 LEDs solar fairy lights come with a pretty and thin copper wire which is very flexible and allows you to build any shape you desire. It is thus suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations. It is however very difficult to unwrap and is also somewhat brittle.

3. Mpow 100 LEDs solar fairy lights

Mpow Solar Fairy Lights
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The Mpow LED solar fairy light is ideal for deck, patio areas, and Christmas celebrations. It is very safe to use and very durable. It is designed to be protected from rain. However, it should not be immersed in water. It has a memory function that allows it to return to previous settings when it is turned off and then turned on again. This special light also has eight different modes of operation.

How we picked the best products?

In carrying out this research, we have made use of the best research practices and have been thorough and unbiased in our findings. A lot of hours were spent going through the majority of the products in this category. About a hundred product types were evaluated before we arrived at the top three. For our evaluation, we perused through a large range of real user reviews on each product evaluated. We also considered expert opinions on each of the products. We also encountered problems during the course of the research. These problems include non-availability of some product brands, hence making us to rely heavily on customer reviews. We also had issues as regarding gathering substantial information about some other products.

In researching, we found out that in purchasing solar-powered LED fairy lights, one should consider the specific functions of which the lights are intended to perform. This is because some lights are very much restrictive, while others are flexible. The performance, durability, price, and usability of each product should also be considered.

Before arriving at the top 3 products which we have recommended, we compared each product based on their most important aspects and our selections met the required criteria to be chosen as the best.

What are solar LED fairy lights?

Solar powered LED fairy lights are very special lights that add beauty to houses, landscapes, gardens, etc. They come in handy at night and add an aesthetic touch to the scenery. They are now widely in use and come in different designs and ranges. They can be used for celebrations, fancy lightings, indoor and outdoor lighting as well as decorations. They are very much cost effective and last longer when compared to incandescent lights.

They serve the purpose of providing an alternative and beautiful light source at night while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They are also long-lasting and energy-saving bulbs. LED fairy string lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. They offer flexibility and can be used to light tables, chairs, trees, fences, buildings, malls and just about anything you may want to light up. These special lights are craved by homeowners, landscape owners, garden owners and a host of others. Just about anyone can use these beautiful light sources. They can also be used over a long period of time, spanning into years and still remain viable.

Fairy lights are attached to a control box that contains batteries. These batteries are present to store the power and use it as soon as darkness falls. The control box is connected to a solar panel. The solar panel functions to charge the batteries in daylight. There is also a presence of a light sensor, which is also called a dusk sensor. As the name suggests, the sensor functions to automatically turn off the lights at the break of dawn when the battery becomes depleted, or turn it on at dusk.

The solar panel is responsible for turning the sun’s light into electricity. A good solar panel can generate electricity even in shady or cloudy weather, though it is much more effective in full sunlight. The solar panel is made up of many smaller solar cells, photovoltaic cells, which make use of light to enable electrons to move. The cell is made up of two different types of layers that are stuck together. The first of these layers is loaded with electrons by coating it with boron. This makes the electrons in this layer to jump into the second layer. The second layer, however, is coated with phosphorus. This makes it ready to accept electrons as the electrons on it are always on the move. Hence, when the light hits an electron in the first layer, the photon in the light knocks off one of the electrons and causes the electron to jump to the ever willing second layer. This also causes the electrons in the second layer to move and this cycle repeats. This process generates a voltage or electricity is guided around the panel, with the use of metal conductive plates and funneled into a positive and negative flow. The battery stores the generated energy and when it gets dark, the beautiful lights come on and take center stage. Masterpiece!

The control panel on its part acts as a regulator and works so as to prevent the battery from the being overcharged as that can damage the battery. Without this panel, the fairy lights will not last long, hence they are more like the brain box of the solar fairy lights. It also prevents the battery from discharging. The control box, however, varies depending on the type of light set purchased.

The solar powered LED fairy lights are modern and have gradually replaced the incandescent lights and other less eco-friendly light sources. They are eco-friendly, energy saving, cost-effective and flexible. They suit the needs of just any buyer.

How to buy the best solar powered LED fairy lights?

This buying guide will help you choose the product that is perfect for you and your needs.

Before you purchase your solar powered fairy lights, you have to look out for the best quality and best price solar fairy lights that suit your needs. From our research, we have discovered that cheaper solar powered LED fairy lights do not last as long as mid-range or high range solar powered LED fairy lights. The cheaper solar lights have many negatives associated with them as they work much better in sunny weather or moderately cloudy weather. Hence they do not recharge well enough in such weather and also have reduced performance in shaded environments. Cheap lights also have low-performance levels and do not last long all year round. This should also be considered in purchasing best price solar string lights. Another thing to consider about the cheaper lights is that their batteries are very hard to replace as they are sometimes soldered into the unit. This makes it prone to damage when attempting to replace the batteries. Though these batteries have a very low cost, they do not last long and will need to be replaced often, hence posing environmental problems along the way, and future costs in replacement purchases.

On the other hand, the mid-range to high range solar-powered LED lights are designed to work all year round. They are very much durable and efficient. They work perfectly well in shady or cloudy weather conditions and regions with low sunlight. They also work for longer hours compared to the cheaper brands. The batteries are also easily replaceable as they are not soldered into the units. Hence they are easily replaced when there is a need to. The batteries last many times longer than the cheaper brands and take more time to be replaced, spanning into years before there is a need to replace them.

Another feature to look out for in buying solar string fairy lights is if the light works perfectly well in all climates. Hence it is important to search for lights that have Ultraviolet radiation (U.V ray) resistant nylon materials as this makes them last a lot longer in bright sunlight compared to lights that do not have these materials. It is also wise to consider buying solar string lights that have a protective casing for the solar panel. This ensures that these lights will always function at optimal levels and will always remain efficient. Hence, search for lights that have tempered glass. Cheap lights with low-quality solar panels have plastic coatings which begin to crack or break and then cause the solar panel to become less efficient. This makes the battery to be poorly recharged as a result.

Another feature to look out for is the water resistance. Lights that are resistant to moisture and have very well sealed components are very good and do not get destroyed by heavy rainfall or snowfall as compared to low-quality solar lights.

You may also be in preference of solar powered LED fairy lights with replaceable bulbs than those with non-replaceable bulbs. If you prefer the lights with replaceable bulbs, do make sure that the internal components of such lights are resistant to corrosion, otherwise, they won’t last as long and you will have to replace them too often than you would like to.

It is also advised that you look out for solar lights that are very bright. Low-quality lights tend to dim in a few hours after they are turned on and take a long time to build up charge again. Before getting the best quality solar fairy light, ensure that you read reviews and see what users have said about such products. Also, read manufacturer reviews and check for the efficiency of the lights. The later can be done checking the battery temperature range and peak wattage of the light’s solar panel. The battery temperature range refers to the temperature range at which the battery stays operational. Quality solar fairy lights stay bright for long hours and also require minimal charging time. They also do have a battery temperature range of around 00 to 1200 Fahrenheit and a solar panel peak wattage of over one pear watts.

Having taken note of all this, you can proceed to hit the market and purchase the right Solar powered LED fairy light for your needs. Expert tips for your lighting is hereby provided.

During summer, you will be probably spending most of your time outdoor relaxing in the backyard or hosting friends for a dinner. The fun does not have to stop once the sun goes down just because you do not have an outdoor lighting or an inefficient one. Solar powered string lights come in different varieties and a lot is put in place in setting them up. Different varieties of solar powered string lights require different methods of setting up, as it doesn’t just stop at putting up a wall light and letting go. To create a beautiful ambiance, it is necessary to choose the right type of lighting fixture for your backyard, guestroom or anywhere that you choose to set up your lighting. Lighting expert and Interior Design and Trends Producer for Lamps Plus, Michael Murphy, delivers some expert tips on lighting. Murphy breaks down into details the different types of outdoor lighting, where to place fixtures, how to calculate how much lighting you need, and much more. These tips are very much informative and will help you enjoy your summer nights and have a wonderful lighting experience. Murphy’s tips include:

Include these three types of solar LED lights

It is advised that the three basic types of lighting, which are ambient, task and accent, should be incorporated into your lighting. To achieve ambient lighting, you can use hanging lights, post lights, and wall lights. For task lighting, we have pathway lights, deck, and security lights. Your accent outdoor lighting can be achieved with landscape kits and spotlights. If you have a small patio or are running on a modest budget, it is advisable to consider string lights, LED candles or solar spotlights.

Calculate the cost of lighting that you will need

It is advised that you figure out the amount of lighting you need before you go shopping. This prevents you from buying more than you need. You can achieve this by determining the amount of space a light needs. By multiplying the square footage of the area you wish to light by 1.5, you can get a rough estimate of the total wattage required for your light.

Plan ahead when choosing fixtures

It is important that you take measurements of your space so that you avoid choosing very large scale fixtures for your lights. Murphy advises that you check the size and position of a fixture before going ahead to buy. This can be done by using a paper template to determine the exact size before going ahead to buy. He suggests that an outdoor wall light should be about one-third the height of the door in the case of a front porch or back patio. He further suggests that sturdy lighting of high quality and which are weather resistant should be chosen. Also, use landscape lighting kits for quick lawn fixes. A kit that plugs directly to any outdoor outlet is preferred.

You can also view the inside of your home to decide on the best light to choose from, and also the best place to place it.

A subtle light should be used for entertaining

Stick with lights that give a soft glow in your entertainment or visitors reception area. Subtle lights are the best type of lights for outdoor rooms, dining areas, as they help to create a restful mood. However, brighter lights are preferable for kitchens.

Be security conscious

Apart from providing ambiance, outdoor lights also help in beefing up the security of your home. Hence, your entry points should be well lit with adequate lighting.

Living with solar LED fairy lights

After purchasing the product, it is right to carry out proper maintenance of the product while using it. This ensures that the product remains in peak working conditions and last long for you. It may be necessary to carry out some maintenance actions while using your newly purchased solar LED fairy lights.

When unwrapping your product for installation, ensure that it is done carefully to avoid damage to the bulbs or tangling of the copper wires or damage to the solar panel. Also, ensure that the batteries of your solar lights are not overcharged or discharge during charging. Ensure that you replace the batteries as at when due so as not to damage the solar panels.


Solar powered LED fairy lights are another masterpiece of science and have very much become a part of our nights. With their suitability for both indoor and outdoor environments, they remain a flexible, eco-friendly, energy-saving and cost-effective source of lighting. They come in different forms and, of course, different brands exist that produce them. In this article, we have reviewed these brands and have narrowed to the top three brands when it comes to producing top quality solar powered LED fairy lights. Our review was based on a number of factors including customer reviews, expert tips, and product review. The products we have selected include the Sunitec 100 LEDs solar fairy lights, Solarmks 150 LEDs solar fairy lights, and Mpow 100 LEDs solar fairy lights.

The Sunitec 100 LEDs solar fairy lights are very good for decorative purposes, romantic and cozy settings. They are flexible for use and offer a great value for money. The Solarmks 150 LEDs solar fairy lights offer one the chance to be very creative with lighting as it has the flexibility to allow one to design lights in different shapes and forms. With the Mpow 100 LEDs solar fairy lights you can light up your patios and Christmas seasons with a solar light that remains safe to use and is also very much durable.

The products which we have chosen all ensure quality, durability and also offer great value for money. It has also been seen that solar powered string lights are great for aesthetic value and provide a beautiful scenery where they are used. They provide a beautiful alternative to incandescent and other light sources.

Make sure to observe all the buying guide tips given in this article as this ensures that you buy the best quality fairy lights for your use. The expert tips in this guide will also help you maximize your solar powered LED lights to their fullest potential.

Always ensure that you adhere to proper maintenance of your LED lights after purchase to ensure that they last long and remain viable. Have a wonderful lighting experience.


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