8 Best Solar Wind Chimes

Solar wind chimes might not be an essential part of your home, but they have a wonderful sound that makes them unique. With solar power, LED lights are often fixed to the chimes. The idea is to give them a wonderful glow at night. It can serve as one of the best decorative features you can place around your home if you enjoy the sound.

Solar wind chimes are designed to charge during the day. Since they are often placed in direct sunlight, they can absorb the light into the batteries. During the night, these batteries activate to power the built-in LED lights. Once the LED lights are active they can provide unique lighting options around your home.

To better help you find the ideal solar wind chimes for your needs, we have created this guide. The guide aims to help you identify the best solar wind chimes for your home. We will look at the intricate features and what makes them stand out. Now, you can set up your homes with a soothing sound during the day and beautiful lights at night.

Best Solar Wind Chimes On The Market Today

Before diving into some of the intricacies that make solar wind chimes stand out, we have identified eight of the top options on the market today. These wind chimes will enable you easily set up the sound and light around your home. We will look at the essential features and benefits they offer.

1. Best Solar Wind Chime: ASTARIN Solar Wind Chimes

ASTARIN Solar Wind Chimes
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With an attractive hollowed-out design, the ASTARIN Solar Wind Chimes are the perfect wind chimes to be used for either indoor or outdoor lighting. It has the exact shape you would expect from a lantern and features an overall length of 35-inches.

No matter where you set them up, the soothing melody will be heard and it features adjustable firing pins. If you aim to adjust the melody slightly, these will make it possible for you to do so. The chimes are powered by one AA 400mAh NI-MH battery, which easily recharges during the day in the sunlight.

At night, it will remain lit for about 8-hours depending on the sunlight from the day. You have the option of a switch that will enable you to turn them off. However, these chimes will automatically turn on to provide ambient light during the night.

Another reason for including them is the price. Wind chimes are not expensive and these might be slightly more expensive than competitors. However, they are made from incredibly durable materials and the size will make up for the price.

We would recommend them as the best solar wind chimes on the market today.


  • Rapid and effective charging
  • Large 35-inch design
  • Adjustable melody
  • Manual on/off switch


  • They can be expensive
  • Light does not always last 8-hours

2. Most Beautiful Solar Wind Chime: DesGully Solar Wind Chime

Solar Wind Chimes for OutsideDesGully Solar Wind Chime
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The DesGully Solar Wind Chimes for Outside are slightly different than other wind chimes. With other LED-powered wind chimes, you would expect the lantern area to illuminate and provide you with adequate lighting. However, this option features bars that are fitted with LED lights.

The large LED bars will clatter together to give you a unique chime when you are outdoors. Each of the six bars can also change color and there are about 7 different colors they can choose. The bars will gradually move through all of the lighting options through the night. It has a battery life of about 8-hours.

One of the best features is that you can change the chime. A small wooden pendant is featured in the middle of the chime and this will enhance the sound. However, the black string leads to another black pendant. By pulling on the pendant you can change the chime to something you find desirable.

Versatility is the main reason for including this option. Not only does it enable you to switch between chimes, but you have the pendant engraved with your message. The only downside is that changing the chime becomes harder as the wind chime becomes older.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Good battery life
  • Fully customizable
  • 7 different colors for the bars


  • The pendant often stops working over time

3. Best Solar LED Wind Chime: MorTime LED Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime

MorTime LED Solar Hummingbird Wind ChimeMorTime LED Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime
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If budget is not on your side, you might want something more efficient that still gives you adequate functionality. The MorTime LED Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime is a unique option that features three hummingbirds. These hummingbirds will illuminate in different colors once the solar chime is efficiently charged.

An additional feature that makes this wind chime stand out is the premium glass used in the construction. Instead of just having lights, you have a sparkling sensation. The glitter will cause a glittery effect on your solar LED wind chime.

No electrical cords or anything else is needed for the installation. You simply need to hang these chimes in the right position to catch direct sunlight. Once they have enough direct sunlight, the batteries will charge. The fully charged batteries should give you around 6-8 hours of lighting for your chimes.

While they have a good sparkle and glow to them, there are accounts of these lights only working occasionally. We believe it might be due to not having contact with direct sunlight. You should take special care when setting them up to ensure adequate sunlight is attained.


  • Unique sparkling sensation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Easy to set up


  • Very particular about enough sunlight

4. Best High-Quality Wind Chime: Tryme Solar Wind Chimes

Tryme Solar Wind ChimesTryme Solar Wind Chime
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Those who love the night sky will inevitably want to get as close to the moon and stars as they possibly can. The Tryme Solar Wind Chimes might be the closest you can come to owning part of the solar system in your garden.

These wind chimes are unique and feature a variety of combinations. Since no wiring is needed, you can set them up wherever you feel the most comfortable hanging them. There are a variety of styles and designs for buyers to choose from. The star, sun, and moon options look the best at night and offer a good chime during the day.

Another great benefit to these solar wind chime lights will be the fact that they are waterproof. The internal LED bulbs have been secured, while the wiring runs through the enclosed tubing. Once they are fully charged, they can give you close to 8-hours of lighting and serve as the ultimate decoration.

They might be slightly more expensive than competitors, but when you want something unique, you might need to be willing to spend more. One of the biggest downsides is the assembly, which needs to be done upon the arrival of the product.


  • Offers 8-hours of lighting
  • Unique design with a unique chime
  • Water and weatherproof
  • Versatile hanging spots


  • Price
  • Assembly could be tedious

5. Best Solar Wind Chime Lights: LeiDrail Solar Wind Chime

LeiDrail Solar Wind ChimeLeiDrail Solar Wind Chime
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With a similar design to the previous wind chimes, the LeiDrail Solar Wind Chimes are designed from some of the most durable metal materials. Aside from lasting you years in terms of functionality, they also offer you fade resistance. The weather should not have any significant effect on the functionality.

These wind chimes are unique and while they do not have any specific design with different lights, they have a centralized globe that lights up the rest of the structure. These chimes do not need any assistance to work and they will automatically turn on once it gets dark. You should be sure to keep them in the “On” mode.

In terms of the design, the retro look is what makes them stand out. The globe used in the construction features a cracked design, which spreads out the light in a unique area to ensure you have something different. Overall, they should light up for about 8-hours at night, but this does depend on the sun and how efficiently they charge.

One of the downsides is that you are limited to a singular sound. While many people would want to have versatility when selecting the tunes, this one is preset. However, it is soothing and should not frustrate the user in any way.


  • Large design
  • Easy to mount and set up
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Durable construction


  • Only one tune

6. Best Solar Butterfly Wind Chimes: Mosteck Butterfly Wind Chimes

Mosteck Butterfly Wind ChimesMosteck Butterfly Wind Chimes
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If you need something large to spruce up your patio and you want to make sure you get the best value for your money, the Mosteck Butterfly Wind Chimes are certainly one of the best solar butterfly wind chimes.

The setup is quite large, but a large part of the design will light up once fully charged in the sun during the day.

In terms of construction, durable ABS materials make up the bulk of the construction, with durable metal introduced to help create a fascinating sound for the user. Once charged, they will give you 6-8 hours of light. You will also notice that the butterflies illuminate in different colors and this could make them unique.

Once you have them set up, the manufacturer states that you could get as much as 150,000-hours of lighting when using them. This will ensure you have them for many years. However, the one downside is that severe weather could damage the butterflies. You might want to keep them out of severe winds and bad conditions.

While these chimes are affordable when considering the bigger picture, many people forget that these have been handcrafted. Yes, not all of them might have the same design, but the handcrafted design means that they will be unique. Overall, we would recommend them for the overall value of the product.


  • Handcrafted
  • Illuminates in different colors
  • Offers 150,000-hours of light
  • Reasonably priced


  • They lack durability in severe winds

2. Fahren

7. Best Metal Wind Chimes: LeiDrail Solar Wind Chimes

LeiDrail Solar Wind ChimesLeiDrail Solar Wind Chimes
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We have already included one of the LeiDrail Wind Chimes on this list, but the company has another one that works similarly. The LeiDrail Solar Wind Chimes with a sun design are very similar in terms of quality and you can be sure that they will give you value for your money. Some of the best materials are used in construction.

Once again, you have the cracked globe that makes the light and with the cracked design, it could scatter the lights in all different directions. No wiring is needed, which means setup should be very easy. It also promises to give you up to 8-hours of light when you put them on at night, with excellent weather resistance.

Once again, the one feature that many people wish they could have changed would be the tune. Yes, the original tune is great for a while, but many top wind chimes offer you variety. You might only have one sound, but with a few modifications, many people have changed the sounds of their wind chimes.

Price should not be an issue. It falls in the middle when it comes to pricing. Comparing it to the moon version, we like the sun version slightly more. The resemblance of a real sun could help brighten up a certain area of your home. We highly recommend these LeiDrail Retro Wind Chimes. 


  • Mounting is easy
  • Last for about 8-hours
  • The design is large
  • Durable overall construction


  • Once again, it only features one sound

8. Best Memorial Wind Chime: Beautyard Solar Wind Chimes

Beautyard Solar Wind ChimesBeautyard Solar Wind Chimes
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If creativity is something you like, you might be thinking that we have left the best for last. The Beautyard Solar Wind Chimes feature a combination of the sun, stars, and the moon, which should illuminate and ensure that you have efficient lighting. It is one of the largest designs and only requires 6-hours to fully charge.

Once they are charged, they could illuminate your garden for close to 10-hours. With no specific outdoor wiring, you can be sure it is weather resistant for the most part. We have also noticed that even though the strings are functional, these chimes don’t get tangled when the wind is blowing.

Some might suggest that they glow in the dark, and is almost how it seems when you put them outdoors. It could give you a sense that they are slightly glowing, but the glow will last a significant part of the night.

Even though they offer significant value, the small bulbs located on the chimes are the first to go. These bulbs are inexpensive to replace, but finding them could be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, you have access to excellent customer service from the manufacturer.


  • Inexpensive
  • They are easy to set up anywhere
  • Offers a unique chime
  • The design is simply stunning


  • Small bulbs lack durability
  • Bulbs are hard to find

How Do Solar Powered Wind Chimes Work?

Much like any other solar lights, the solar wind chimes have a specific cell that can absorb direct sunlight. It will eventually store energy in the battery. Once the solar panel is charged, the lights will illuminate until the battery is drained from all energy. Depending on the quality of sunlight and battery quality, it will affect how long the wind chimes work.

The sound or chime effect works by wind causing vibrations in the pipe. These minor vibrations will create a sound, almost like the effect of a human being whistling. However, the pipes can also collide with one another and this will change the sound slightly. Different pipes could cause either a unique or pleasant sound. 

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Solar Wind Chimes

Much like anything else you buy, there are a variety of factors you have to consider when it comes to wind chimes. The different factors you consider could affect the quality of your wind chimes and which ones you choose. Here are some of the most important features to keep in mind when buying solar wind chimes:


Different wind chime designs are available on the market today, and you will need to make sure you find the design for your needs. There are popular wind chime options that some people love. Here is a breakdown of the different wind chime options:

  • Tubular Chimes: These are the traditional chimes that have a tubular design, and are constructed from rods and tubes. These are known to give the standard tinkling sound.
  • Bell Chimes: Bell chimes have a variety of bells attached to the design and these bells will rattle to create a sound.
  • Decorative Chimes: Decorative chimes are all about the look and the design. These reflect the light and create beautiful colors. The design is also functional in terms of the quality it offers.
  • Celebration Chimes: As you might have guessed, these chimes are designed for the festive season. They offer a unique holiday sound.
  • Gong Chimes: Gong Chimes should be self-explanatory, and have the same sound you would expect from using a gong.


Depending on the materials used in the construction, you could have a variety of tones. Most wind chimes come in different designs. Metal is one of the most common materials and offers a tinkling sound. Wood or bamboo will offer more of a hollow sound. It offers a mellow sound that could be like an echo.

Finally, you have a variety of different other materials. These materials include glass or even seashells. They will create a different and unique sound that will sound different from any of the other materials you could find. They often have a far more delicate tone and will be slightly more expensive.

Volume And Quality

You also need to determine the quality of the sound you will be hearing. If you want something clear, you need to make sure you find the perfect wind chimes for the job. Depending on the different materials, you will have different qualities of sound, and your volume might be slightly different.

Battery Quality And Life

Another important feature of solar wind chimes is the quality of the battery. Having better batteries will ensure the wind chimes have a longer active period. A better battery also ensures more longevity. Lithium-ion batteries are often best for solar-powered items, but can also be very expensive.

Overall Aesthetics

Most of these features have resonated around the sound quality and which sound you are looking for. However, aesthetic appearances are important, and when you have wind chimes, you want to show them off as much as possible. You want something soothing to look at and will ensure you have a great wind chime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Solar Wind Chimes Have Batteries?

Solar wind chimes can have a variety of different battery options. These batteries will ensure power for the unit. Some might prefer your standard batteries. However, lithium-ion batteries are the most functional.

Do Solar Powered Wind Chimes Make Noise?

Some might consider it noise, and others might consider it music. Solar wind chimes are designed to radiate sound and will give you a soothing tone in your garden or home.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Wind Chime?

Under a patio or solid tree is often the best spot. Your wind chime should get some wind, but it should not be fully exposed to the elements.

How Long Do Solar Wind Chimes Last?

Quality is the driving factor for the lifespan of solar wind chimes. Metal designs tend to last longer than traditional glass designs. Additionally, the quality of the battery will determine other factors like light quality.


Having the best solar wind chimes will be a great addition to your home. They could spruce up the quality of your evening with a romantic touch, and the soothing sounds can cheer up your mood during the day. With all these wind chimes, we would love to hear your opinion on which ones are the best solar wind chimes and most useful for your needs.

We would also love suggestions for any other solar wind chimes you recommend.


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