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How to Wrap a Tree Trunk With Lights?

With the summer behind us, we’re already looking forward to the festive winter holidays ahead. But even if it’s too soon for you to start putting up Christmas lights, string light decorations can look...


How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People

Over 1 billion people worldwide still lack access to electricity, with kerosene lamps still being the main source of lighting in large parts of the developing world. This lighting is dangerous, causes many health...


Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives. Not only does generating our own power make us more environmentally secure it also makes us more economically secure. The use of solar power...


How to Recycle LED Light Bulbs

With people spending extra time at home during the Covid-19 crisis, we’re burning through light bulbs quicker than usual. So, it’s no surprise that a lot of us a wondering how to recycle LED...


How to Replace Recessed Lighting?

Old recessed lighting replacement is an easy but important skill. Upgrading your recessed lighting can dramatically change how your home’s lighting looks and functions but it must be done well if you don’t want...

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