How to Fix a Lamp Shade?

Figuring out how to fix a lamp shade can be time-consuming but it’s generally worth it as getting a new lamp shade can be even more of an effort- and time-drain. Plus, it’s a waste to throw out a lamp shade that can easily be made as good as new again!

So, what can you do for a dented, stained, or generally deteriorated lamp shade? Here are a few pointers:

How to fix a lamp shade holder that’s been torn?

Depending on the size of the tear, fixing it completely may be impossible. However, minor tears can be made nearly invisible with the right technique. Here’s how:

  • Cut a small piece of onionskin paper in the size and shape of the tear. Make sure you get the shape right as you don’t want the piece to be too big and noticeable.
  • Paint the inside of the tear on the lamp shade with a transparent fabric glue and position the onionskin over it.
  • Paint another light coat of glue over the onionskin to keep it in place.

That’s it – the tear should be much less visible now.

How to repair a lamp shade liner?

If your lamp shade’s liner has deteriorated over time due to general wear and tear, the heat of the light bulb or the sun rays coming in during the day, you may be tempted to toss it away and get a new one.

Keep in mind that fixing even such wear and tear is very much possible, however. Here’s a quick step-by-step:

  • Brush off any dust and clean the lamp shade.
  • Examine the lamp shade for any and all damaged or unglued pieces – open them up so they are more easily visible.
  • Take a paintbrush and carefully “paint” new white glue along the edge of the paper or fabric. Follow the line left from the original glue.
  • Press the other side of the shade back over the glue and use a bull clamp to hold it in place. Use a proper fabric glue and leave it like this for ~6 hours.
  • If the liner itself is damaged and you don’t want to glue it back over the lamp shade, you can cut an identical piece of liner fron amy fabric. You’ll have to fully remove the previous liner first and then make sure that the new one is cut well so that it fits properly.

How to repair stained glass lamp shade?

Repairing a glass lamp shade can be trickier but it’s very much doable. While you can’t expect the result to look 100% as good as new, it can be made to look pretty seamless to a visitor’s eye. Here’s what you can do:

  • Take the one or more glass pieces that have broken off the lamp shade and sand down their sides with sanding paper.
  • Apply glass glue or cement glue to the appropriate areas of each piece.
  • Press the broken pieces to each other in the correct pattern. Use masking tape to keep them from falling apart until the glue dries properly. If the pieces are too many and unwieldy all at once, attach them to each other one by one.
  • Once all the broken-off pieces are attached to one another well enough, glue them to the lamp shade itself.


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