How to make a solar panel on your own

As global warming and changes in climate have affected us immensely, we are becoming more and more concerned about the environment and the world around us. Which is why implementing eco-friendly day to day life appliances and using renewable energy and natural products have become a part of everyday life for many.

Although walking or riding your bike instead of driving your car, saving as much water as possible, growing your own vegetables saves not only earth but also your money, some green and eco-friendly choices may cost a lot of money upfront. For example, installing a solar panel, which would allow you to use solar energy that is renewable, can cost you around ten thousand dollars. Therefore, let’s explore how to make a solar panel on your own and save a significant amount of money.

First, we have to create a template for the solar panel. You can use any materials that you prefer, the only requirement is that they are solid and will keep solar cells in place. Usually wood is used for this task, but you can also use any other material if you wish.

When you have decided on the material, cut out the wanted shape and size of your do it yourself solar panels, which will create a template for further work. For a better look you can treat your template with different finishing sprays or colors and make a frame around it, which will achieve a better look, but it is not necessary for functionality reasons.

Next step in how to build a solar panel is that you have to wire your solar panels together. You will have to buy the solar cells because they cannot be made at home, however, they will cost you only around two hundred dollars appose to ten thousand dollars that you will have to spend to buy ready-made solar panels. And solar cells are available in many online and construction stores. Just keep in mind that if you have not had any experience with electrical devices and setting them up, then you might want to get some help with wiring together the solar cells. But for most people, it shouldn’t cause any difficulties whatsoever. In addition, all solar panels that are sold for “how to make solar panels” projects come with instructions that should explain how to connect these cells together correctly and safely.

And lastly, you have to attach your cells to the template which was made at the beginning. This needs to be done very carefully because you don’t want to damage any of the solar cells.

The best option is to attach each cell individually, so if any of the solar panels brake or otherwise get damaged you can easily change it. Also, before you stick the solar cells on the template, make sure you drill the holes for wires, which should go on the back of the board. When you have stuck on all the solar panels to the template, you should have a functioning solar panel, which will produce renewable energy for your house.

How to build a solar panel

But, before it is completely functional, you need to attach the solar panel you have just created to a pack of batteries and a power inverter. You will also need to buy the batteries because they and cannot be made at home, although, if you already have some lying around your home, you can use those. However, it is advised to use batteries which are specially designed for power storage and deep cycle use. Altogether, these do it yourself solar panels will cost you around thousand dollars, if we count in solar cells, batteries, and an inverter. Which is definitely a much cheaper and more appealing price than offered by solar panel manufacturers.

Overall, solar panels no matter if they are bought or homemade won’t provide electricity for your house completely, but they will have a significant contribution in decreasing your electricity bill. Therefore, having solar panels on your roof or near your home will save you a lot of some money in the long run. But if you want to have a cheaper solar panel option, save even more money, and are willing to put some effort into building a solar panel, then this article will give you a brief guide in how to make a solar panel on your own.


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