Why solar power and LED lighting make the perfect combination

If you want some outdoor lighting that is economical, effortless and eco-friendly, consider combining solar power with LED lighting. These two go together like salt and pepper, each complimenting the best qualities of the others Why exactly do Solar power and LED lighting make the perfect combination? Here are a few of the reasons.

LED lighting is more efficient

LED lighting uses far, far less energy than older lighting technologies like incandescent light bulbs. In fact, LED bulbs use only a small fraction (one fifth) of the power required by one incandescent lamp, and one third less of the power utilized by a single fluorescent lamp. This makes it an ideal lighting option for solar power, because the latter does not always provide a large or steady supply of power, due to its dependence on weather conditions and low cloud cover. For gloomy or cloudy days when the sun doesn’t shine very much, having a lighting option that doesn’t require very much energy to begin with is a godsend.

LED lights are longer lasting

Solar panels are not cheap, and any opportunity to save money somewhere else should be grasped with both hands. This is where LED lighting comes in: because of their efficiency, you can purchase a smaller, lower wattage lamp while still getting the same lighting output; in addition, LED lights need to be replaced much less often than other lighting alternatives, saving you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, the best LEDs have a life expectancy of over 20 years – given that your average solar panel last about 25 years, that means the two not only go well together during their lifespan, but can gracefully grow old and die together as well, a happy couple until the very end!

LED lights run direct from direct current (DC) power

Unlike old style CFL or other lamps that always required some type of converter to utilize the energy supplied by the power source, which results in a loss of power, LED lamps run direct from DC power. This saves power – which makes LED lights the ideal partner for solar, since as we have seen the latter does not and cannot always provide a large or steady supply of power. Also, it prevents you from having to purchase a large solar panel with greater battery capacity, saving you further money – installing solar is pricy enough as it is, so why pay more for it than you have to?

LEDs are also environmentally friendly

Probably the major reason you’ve opted for solar is because you want to cut down on your carbon emissions and save the environment. Well the good news, is that LEDs can help you contribute to the same aim. NO mercury or other hazardous substances or materials are involved in the manufacture of these lights (unlike fluorescents etc), and they are fully recyclable when they reach the end of their life span. If your major motivation for buying solar panels is to save the environment, then choose the light bulb option that is the eco-friendliest as well.

The advantages of solar power would be completely nullified if they were combined with inefficient, environmentally harmful lighting technologies. That is what makes solar power and LED lighting such an attractive combination. If you want to contribute towards an efficient and sustainable energy future, then consider utilizing solar powered LED lighting on YOUR property.


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