Why You Should Be Using a Bow Sight Light?

Bowhunting is one of the oldest activities known to man – both as a means of survival and as a sport. However, it’s gone a long way from what it used to be thousands of years ago to today’s bow accessories such as bow sights and bow sight lights.

Of course, today bow hunting is much more of a sport than a survival necessity, at least in most placed across the modern world, but as a sport, it’s still quite beloved. After all, why hunt with a high-tech modern rifle that makes killing even the largest animal so much easier, when you can challenge yourself with a bow and make hunting that much of an actual sport?

Still, hunting with a bow doesn’t mean that you should necessarily just bend a branch, string it with some deer guts and try to shoot other, sharpened branches with it. Modern hunting bows have a lot of accessories and advantages over their old-age predecessors. At the end of the day, your hunting experience should be both enjoyable and at least somewhat successful too, and not just frustrating and tiring.

One such accessory is the bow sight light. If you ask most uninitiated people they likely won’t even think of putting a sight light on a bow. However, if you’ve hunted with a bow even just a little bit, especially in the early morning or at dusk, you likely realize how invaluable a bow sight light can be.

What is a bow sight light and why would you need it?

A bow sight light is a simple tool in most regards as it has a simple purpose – to light the area in front of you. In that sense, it’s essentially a specialized flashlight. However, as using an actual flashlight would be extremely impractical – both by hand and if you try to attach it to your bow – a good bow sight light needs to meet certain criteria to work well:

  • Bow sight lights make hunting in the dark possible – it’s that simple. With a bow sight light or any other lighting source, bow hunting is only possible for several hours in the middle of the day. And considering that most of the game you’d want to hunt is nocturnal, that’s an obvious problem. Bow sight lights solve this problem better than any other lighting source you may choose to bring with you.
  • A good bow sight light will typically be much more powerful and have a longer range than a normal household flashlight. After all, you don’t need it to just shine a light behind a couch or underneath your mattress, you need it to light a vast and deep area between and behind tree branches and bushes.
  • Good bow sight lights will also be sturdy and durable. You may not be expected to fight and wrestle with your bow but you’re still going to be trekking through harsh terrain, dealing with nature’s elements, and sometimes even falling into some unpleasant situations or accidents. These are things that will usually break and render most flashlights useless, but a good, quality bow sight light will stick by your side and keep helping you along the way.
  • A bow sight light can also be a lifesaver in some situations. Again, accidents happen. Besides, not everything in the wilderness is prey – something, especially if you stray to where you shouldn’t, some things may try to prey on you. Having a powerful and durable bow sight light can be invaluable in a lot of such situations.

What should you consider before buying a bow sight light?

Sure, having a lighting source when hunting is a good thing, that much is easily obvious. And bow sight lights seem to be the best choice for the job. How should you pick the right light for your needs, however? Are some bow sight lights better than the others, does it matter what your bow’s brand and model is, does it matter what you’re going to hunt and where you’re going to hunt it?

Yes to all of the above. Picking the right bow sight light for your needs can be a time-consuming but vital task as it will have a huge effect on your hunting experience. Bowhunting is all about precision and so is choosing your future bow sight light. There are a lot of factors to consider, so let’s go through all of them briefly:

  • Quality. As with literally any other product on the market, quality is obviously the first thing you should consider. Even more so than with other products, in fact, as most household items are rarely used in extreme and time-sensitive situations. Whatever bow sight light you end up choosing, it will have to be of a good enough quality to remain well-functioning and by your side at all times.
  • Bow compatibility. Most bow sight lights are designed to fit a large array of different hunting bows, however, there are no sight lights that can fit all bows. Making sure that whatever you buy will match your bow perfectly is a step you shouldn’t skip. Not to mention that there are certain brands that make their bows work with their bow sight lights only.
  • Price. Bow sight lights are not the most expensive accessory out there with most of them ranging between $10 and $50.
  • Durability. This is a much more important factor than the one above it as it will not only make sure your hunt is successful but it will also save you money in the long-run by not having to buy a new bow sight light every other time.
  • Batteries. Pretty much all bow sight lights work on batteries by necessity. The average battery life of a bow sight light will usually range between several hours and a day. Picking a bow sight light with a longer life-span is obviously recommended.
  • Weight and design. As we mentioned, and as any bowhunter knows, bow hunting is all about precision. Consequently, picking a bow sight light that’s too heavy or of an improper design for your bow can be detrimental to your hunting success. Whatever you end up buying, make sure that you’ll be comfortable using it.


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