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How to find the best LED lights for off-roading

Perfect for illuminating dark trails at night, spotting hunting game when out in the woods, or lighting up a remote job site that’s not connected to the grid, LED light bars are an increasingly...


History of solar energy

With human-induced climate change, and rising energy costs deriving from increasingly scarce fossil fuel shortages looming on the horizon, many people are on the lookout for alternative energy sources that will enable us to...


How lighting affects our mood?

Many of us have long suspected that the quality of light greatly affects our mood and outlook on life, and now this has been confirmed by science itself.


Can LED lights affect our sleep?

Research suggests that the case for bad sleep and restless nights might be your LED bulbs. So lets take a closer look at if and how LED light affect our sleep.


Smart Lighting

What is smart lighting and how it is becoming more and more common not only in industrial but also in household applications, and what are the future perspectives of smart lighting.


OLED Technologies

What is OLED technology, What are the differences between OLED and LED lights and How the closest future of OLED lighting is looking.

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