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Flexible LED fabric

In this post, we are here to take a look at LED fabric, now touted by many as the future of flexible lighting. Read on to find out more


LED industry forecast

Due to its superior energy efficiency, longevity and other properties, LED lighting is slowly phasing out older forms of lighting technology like incandescent and fluorescent lights. Because of these benefits, it has frequently been...


What is LED light therapy?

Rejuvenate your skin and make yourself look beautiful using an innovative new technology. LED light therapy is a painless, non-invasive skin treatment procedure that successfully prevents and treats acne, wrinkles and lines, scarring, redness,...


All LED bulb types and shapes

Given that they are up to 90 percent more efficient – and a hell of a lot longer lasting – than conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, it is no surprise that many people are...


What is LED Art?

No doubt most of you are already familiar with the existence of LED lighting – these super bright, energy efficient and long-lasting lights are rapidly phasing out older lighting technologies in domestic and commercial...


Tips for using LED lights in your car

LED lighting is a cutting-edge technology that, due its superior brightness, energy efficiency and longevity, is now used in all sorts of different lighting applications, domestic and commercial alike. One place where LED lighting...


Fun facts about LED lighting

Awareness of the need to be mindful of our impact on the natural systems that support us has been around for a long time, but the environmental impacts of the types of lighting we...


Decorate with vintage-style LED Edison light bulbs

Do you enjoy the appearance of the old-time incandescent or classic Edison light bulbs? Well then, not to worry. The old, inefficient incandescent bulb may have gone, but the style remains, updated to include...


How does a LED driver work?

LED drivers do exactly what it sounds as if they do – that is, they drive the power that’s supplied to an LED light, or to a string of LED lights connected in series.