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LED Lighting Pros and Cons

Right now you can find a ton of information on the advantages of LED lighting starting with money economy and ending with environmental benefits, so there is no doubt, that LED lamps really are...


Tips to Replace Recessed Light With Pendant

Figuring out how to replace recessed lighting fixtures with hanging fixtures is an intricate but ultimately simple process. Below, we’ll give you a quick but extensive step-by-step guide on how to replace recessed light...


How to Remove Recessed Light Bulbs?

Recessed lights are awesome for a lot of different reasons – they are stylish, effective, efficient, and work great for homes with low ceilings. Their bulbs can be annoying to remove and change, however,...


Can LED Lights Burn Out?

If you’re just now switching to LED lights or if you’ve been using them for quite some time but you haven’t done much research about them, you might be wondering whether LED bulbs burn...

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