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How to Store Icicle Lights?

With the holidays behind us, it’s, unfortunately, time to put your Christmas icicle lights away. What is the best way to store icicle lights without them tangling, however? Is there an effective conventional way...


Tips to Squirrel Proof Outdoor Christmas Lights

Two of the things most people associate with the autumn-winter season are beautiful Christmas lights and cute, fuzzy squirrels looking for nuts. Unfortunately, those two things really don’t go well with each other. Most...


Waterproofing Outdoor Christmas Lights

Hanging outdoor Christmas lights can be an excellent way to beautify your yard for the holidays. If done incorrectly, however, it can also be a major hazard – outdoor lights that aren’t properly waterproof-ed...


How to Shorten Christmas Lights?

When stringing Christmas lights indoor or outdoor we often find ourselves in situations that require some cutting or shortening to achieve the best possible effect. How to cut Christmas lights to lengths suitable for...


How to Put Lights on a Tree Outdoors?

String lights are most people’s staple when it comes to decorating trees, whether for Christmas or just for everyday decoration. Hanging lights can also be surprisingly effective, however, and can bring your yard and...


How to Wrap a Tree Trunk With Lights?

With the summer behind us, we’re already looking forward to the festive winter holidays ahead. But even if it’s too soon for you to start putting up Christmas lights, string light decorations can look...

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