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light psychology 0

The Psychological Effects of Lighting on Humans

You may have heard of light psychology or maybe you’ve just observed how your mood changes when you spend too much time under artificial light instead of under sunlight, or when you just don’t...

Stadium Lighting 0

Best LED Stadium Lights

Large LED lighting fixtures have a lot of applications nowadays, both in the private and in the commercial sectors. Very often the exact same product can be used for purposes as different as the...

best bowfishing lights 0

Best LED Bowfishing Lights

Bowfishing is one of the more unique and fun sports out there, as well as both a really effective and enjoyable way of fishing. After all, why stand there with a fishing rod for...

Tips for Lighting Your Garden 0

18 Tips for Lighting Your Garden

Summer is here and all eyes are on your garden. Outdoor lighting can bring even the smallest garden to life, highlighting important features, illuminating access points and ultimately making the most of the outdoor...

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