LEDs for the bathroom: ideas and tips

LED lights are efficient, long lasting and they look modern and sleek as well. That makes them a natural choice for any number of different lighting purposes – including that of illuminating your bathroom. Here are some ideas and tips for making the best use of LED lighting in your own private sanctuary. Read on to find out more as we explore the ins and outs of led bathroom lights.

A light emitting diode, or LED, is a tiny little lightbulb made up of a semiconductor material such that, when a voltage is applied to it, electrons are knocked loose from the surface of the semiconductor material and migrate to electron ‘holes’, also contained in the material, in the process emitting little particles of energy known as ‘photons’. Indeed, LEDs basically are just a means of converting electrical energy into light. Which they do very well! Compared to older forms of lighting technology like incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs are so much more efficient, long-lasting and healthier for the environment – switching to LED lighting would seem to be a no-brainer. And in fact, LEDs are rapidly phasing out the older forms of lighting that have dominated our societies for so many years. There is now LED lighting in our cars and airplanes, our television, tablet and smartphone screens – and many other applications besides, domestic and commercial alike.

One more area where LEDs have the potential to be a real hit is in your bathroom. Your bathroom is a place that needs to have not only strong, functional lighting so that you can carry out your grooming tasks, but it is also an area where the lighting present makes a huge difference to the overall feel and atmosphere of what should be your own private sanctuary form the world outside. Good lighting will make your bathroom a warm, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing place to retreat from the world, whereas bad lighting will make it seem alien and unwelcoming to you. Done in the right way, LED lighting can help you achieve both of these aims, and here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Install task lighting where it is needed

To carry out your daily care and hygiene, you need good strong lighting in your bathroom, and this is where LED task lights come in. Place overhead lights above your main toileting areas, including the washbasin, shower, and bath – wall sconces on either side of your bathroom mirror can come in handy here too. A good vanity light that will illuminate your bathroom mirror and wall cabinet is another fine option worth considering.

But don’t overdo it!

Too many task-oriented downlights will make your bathroom seem over-lit in some places, whereas in others (like the walls) it will remain covered in shadow. This is not an attractive look for your bathroom, it can also lead to over-consumption of energy and higher power bills

Make proper use of ambient lighting

LED wall lighting, strips along the sides of the bathroom mirror or bathtub, and the like can give your bathroom a softer, more relaxed feel that you would get with intense, task-oriented lights alone. This is what ambient lighting does – improves the atmosphere or ‘ambiance’ of a space through the lighting that is present there.

Add some accent lights for good measure

Accent lights are another valuable addition to many bathrooms, and there are plenty of LED options here as well. Draw attention to those areas of your bathroom you wish to make it’s centerpiece – such as certain ornaments, or architectural features, or a particular wallpaper or floor tile pattern – using small accent lights that utilize energy efficient LED bulbs. Note that LEDs are available in many different shades as well, enabling you to influence the overall color and light quality of your bathroom also.

Identify your needs

What needs do you have when using your bathroom, for example, do you take baths regularly or only very rarely. This will determine the kind and number of lights you will require in that location. If you take long, relaxing baths several times a week, you will have to install clear, bright lighting over your tub. If you use the bath only very infrequently, though, you can probably get away with the bare minimum so far as lighting goes.
Again, you don’t want invest in unnecessary lighting that will only cost you money down the line.

Get the right sized lights

When planning and implementing your bathroom lighting design, you will have to make sure you invest in lights that are of the correct size, and that can – preferably – be installed in your pre-existing lighting fixtures. Many LEDs come with retrofit options so that you don’t have to refurbish your entire lighting system to enjoy their benefits.

Install them correctly

To enjoy the best results from your LED bathroom lights, they need to be installed correctly. Learn how to properly retrofit your LED lighting over the lighting fixtures that are already present in your bathroom.

Don’t overlook the importance of a good night light!

It is very easy to forget the nocturnal lighting needs of your bathroom – but you shouldn’t. Most of us get up several times during the night to use our bathrooms – and would like to do so without being exposed to radiant, full intensity light (that only serves to wake us up) every time. Invest in some night-time bathroom LED lights that preserve your security and safety when making nighttime forays to the toilet, but don’t replicate your daytime bathroom lighting needs. Fortunately, many modern LEDs are very compatible with dimmers, and motion sensor lighting, so this is one option to consider here.


LED lights are now available in all manner of different forms – many of which you can use to good effect in your home bathroom lighting design. Vanity lights, downlights, wall sconces, LED side strips, accent, and ambient lights – these are just a few of the options that can help make your bathroom a warm, welcoming environment where you can relax and retreat from the world – whilst also being well lit enough to enable you to carry out your daily toileting and hygiene tasks. LEDs in the bathroom will also save you a lot of money due to their superior efficiency and longevity. And they often come with dimming and similar features that give you a great deal of lighting versatility as well.


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