LED lighting commercial applications

LED lighting is now the lighting technology of choice among many homeowners – no surprise there, given its far superior efficiency and longevity compared to the older incandescent and fluorescent lights. But it is now gaining ground in commercial and industrial settings also. Read on as we look at some of the more innovative LED lighting commercial applications out there today.

Light-emitting diodes are devices that make use of a semiconductor material that conducts electricity so that when a voltage is applied, electrons are knocked free from the material and emit light energy in the form of photons. The very first LEDs emitted only low-intensity infrared quality light, however, modern LEDs are available in colors spanning the whole spectrum of visible, infrared and ultraviolet light. Compared to older lighting technologies including incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs have numerous advantages, including less energy consumption/great efficiency, longer lifespan, more compact size, increased robustness, improved brightness. There are also fewer environmental issues linked to the disposal of LEDs

Now in common use within many households, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings as well. More visually appealing than older forms of lighting technology, LEDs are also far more energy efficient; companies that use LED lighting report consuming almost 50 percent less energy than they would have with conventional lighting technologies.

Indeed, the most cutting-edge LED downlights currently in town are as we speak being used in shopping malls, showrooms, factories and offices around the world. These settings make heavy use of canned or recessed lighting that delivers high-intensity, focused light to areas where it is most needed, and which release very little heat. LED lights installed with dimmer switches that enable one to tailor the amount of light to the needs of the setting or individual, are just perfect for this purpose. Many of the ones now on the market also come with a deep or moderate recess angle feature which gives them the flexibility required to meet a wide variety of lighting design situations. For example, the model 600 Binay Optom power LED lamp is custom designed for recessed fitting and can be installed into a panel grid. Compared to the MR16 halogen lamp traditionally used in these settings, it delivers an unprecedented 95 percent efficiency luminaire-wise, and saves 75 percent more power, combining beauty with affordability. Similarly, AMKA Lighting’s power LED lamps will save up to 85 percent of the energy utilized by conventional lamps and have a much longer working life (up to 20,000 hours in some cases).

Other kinds of LED lighting products available for commercial purposes include various other types of downlight and spotlight, retrofitted light bulbs, tube lights, and strips lights (whether rigid or flexible).

When it comes to retrofit bulbs, these can be installed on pre-existing lighting fixtures in any number of commercial settings and are a means of replacing older, less efficient bulbs without extra expense. These globular shaped light bulbs come equipped with RGB color changing modes, as well as a remote control.

Meanwhile, Sanarti’s range of LED tube lights, including the T5 and T8 tube light series, delivers an energy efficient replacement for the conventional fluorescent tube lights that are used in offices, warehouses and more. AMKA and MIRC Electronics also offer LED tube lights for various commercial and industrial applications. For example, MIRC Electronics’ LED lights to have a higher output of light, lower heat dissipation, and anti-glare properties that make them a fine alternative to the older fluorescent lights that dominate this market.

Also in hot demand are high bay LED lights, as these have a far longer lifespan (up to 50,000 hours) than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, consume less power and generate far less heat; they are commonly used in warehouses and factories, as front lights, hoarding lights and industrial shed lights. Companies offering LED high bay lights include Amptek LED Lighting, Avni Energy, and Sujana.

So far as low bay LED industrial lighting goes, Rachamallu Lighting Solutions have developed the AMIDON 45 watts LED luminaire, a substitute for the high pressure 150 watts sodium vapor lamps that have traditionally been used in street lighting, yard lighting, parking lots and parks. With an output of 80 lumens per watts, high heat dissipation, and durable design it is a far superior commercial lighting option.

Other commercial LED lighting applications include a number of new track lighting products. These are lights, connected in series, that are attached to metal tracks or runners. Highly customizable, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including to highlight a piece of art or design feature or to advertise a product in a retail outlet.

Another LED lighting offering having commercial potential is the ceiling light panel, with products of this sort now offered by MIRC Electronics, Sanarti, and Binay Opto. Some of these lights have the power supply inside the panel, with others it lies outside. These panel lights are a fine option for replacing conventional tube lights or grid lights.

There are also a variety of new, LED cove lights appearing on the market. These lights consist of tubes or other lighting shapes that are positioned high up on the walls or ceiling. They emit a bright, dramatically glowing light, and are able to serve as either the primary form of lighting in commercial settings or for aesthetic accenting purposes.

DMX-controlled, intelligent LED lighting fixtures are another new type of facade light currently taking the market by storm. DMX is a digital control technology for remotely controlling lighting, including changing and mixing colors, dimming the lights, setting up timers and the like. A single DMX unit can control up to 50 different lights, making them ideal for large commercial settings. Amtek is one company that specializes in DMX controlled LED lighting.

LED lighting devices offered by many different companies like MyLEDLightingGuide, for example, have huge potential for customization, starting with the manufacture and design of unique housings, casing, and enclosures, to the creation of luminaires as specified by each customer. Even the drivers and fixtures are being customized, as are the color temperature, lux and lighting distribution of the light. And as the technology improves and production expands, the cost of LEDs is constantly coming down. This only increases the range of future commercial applications for LED lighting.


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